Control System Design for Precision Engineering Applications

Control System Design:
  • Project Management
  • Control Panel design, Assembly & Wiring

Example of control cabinet design and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Control System Design
  • System Documentation
Software Programming:
  • Motion Controller Programming (Delta Tau, ORMEC, and others)
  • PLC Programming (Allen Bradley)
  • User Interfaces (C++, Wonderware)
  • C and C++ on DOS and Windows Operating Systems
  • Assembly Language
  • Diagnostic Services
  • OpenGL for 3D Simulation

OpenGL simulation of a Coordinate Measuring Machine.

OpenGL simulation of Stewart Platform Machine

Mechanical Design:

Additional Engineering Services:
  • Motion Control System Design and Analysis
  • Machine Design and Fabricatoin
  • Machine Accuracy Measurement and Analysis
  • Laser Interferometric System Design
  • Safety and Fault Analysis
  • 3rd Party Engineering Review