Control System Design for Precision Engineering Applications

ServoSolution HMI - "powerful, low-cost user interface for PMAC, Galil, and others."
Development license: FREE
Runtime license: $499

ServoSolution HMI is a powerful user interface program designed to help you get the most out of your motion control system. ServoSolution is written in C# and utilizes Microsoft's .NET programming environment. It provides you with a rich library of user interface tools.

Version 2.0 of ServoSolution has just been released.  It dramatically increases the power of ServoSolution by allowing the user to add custom code to their project using Microsoft's .NET programming languages.

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PMAC Programmer - "a complete interface tool"

ServoSolution helps both integrators and end-users program Delta-Tau's PMAC line of motion controllers. This program was designed as a diagnostic tool with extensive data gathering and analysis features for troubleshooting difficult applications. Features such as a terminal window, a program editor, and a motor tuning window were added to provide complete functionality. Finally, in an effort to make ServoSolution as expandable as possible, a scripting language was developed which allows users to run a library of diagnostic routines. The result is a full-fledged programming tool which performs seven essential tasks.

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ServoPlot for PMAC - "data gather and plot tool"

ServoPlot is a data gathering and ploting program for the PMAC family of motion controllers. Features include easy selection of motor sources (position, velocity, DAC, etc.), data filtering, auto-scaling, and many more. Data sources and settings are selected with simple dialog box selections. The data can be viewed on the screen, printed, and stored as data files for exporting to other programs. ServoPlot uses PMACs data gathering functions, permitting high frequency data acquisition (upto the servo rate).

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ServoScope for PMAC - "oscilloscope style data viewer"

ServoScope is a real time graphing program for PMAC controllers. It continually displays user selected data in a streaming graphical format. You select upto 4 data sources to display (e.g. Motor Position, DAC output, etc.), select your gather frequency, and ServoScope streams the data to your screen. ServoScope is an Active X control that can be linked to other programs or run in a stand alone fashion from a "Container" such as MicroSoft's Internet Explorer.

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