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Control System Design for Precision Engineering Applications



Perry Automation has over 10 years experience upgrading control systems for grinding machines. Here are several examples of the retrofits that we provide.

Cincinnati / Landis Viking Centerless Grinder Controller and Amplifier Upgrade
Our upgrade package for the Landis Gardner Viking SuperSeries 200 Centerless Grinder replaces the existing Kollmorgan Power Block Amplifiers, which have been discontinued, with Geo Brick Amplifiers from Delta Tau. We also provide a new PMAC2 controller an industrial PC.

This installation is transparent to the operator and can be completed in about two days. If you have a need to upgrade your Viking SS 200 Centerless Grinder, contact us today for a quotation.

Cincinnati / Landis RK Centerless Grinder PMAC-STD Controller Upgrade
Delta Tau no longer sells their older STD bus style motion controllers. The TURBO-PMAC-PCI is a logical replacement. The TURBO-PMAC-PCI offers the advantage of flash RAM instead of the battery backed RAM equiped PMAC-STD. We know of many users that have lost their configuration settings during power loss due to problems with the battery backed RAM (weak battery, etc.).

One application we have witnessed the need for this retrofit is on Cincinnati Milacron 230 RK Centerless Grinders. These machines were originally equiped with Ziatech DSP cards and PMAC axis cards. We have installed several retrofit packages on these machines.

The installation is transparent to the operator of the machine because we use the same code that was operating on the STD board with some small modifications for the TURBO-PMAC-PCI board. If you have a need to upgrade your RK Centerless Grinder, or any other PMAC-STD, contact us today for a quotation.

Cincinnati / Landis RK Centerless Grinder SMCC Controller Upgrade

The original control board in the RK Grinder, a Delta Tau SMCC, is obsolete and repair or spares are rare options. We have come up with an upgrade to the control that provides a new Delta Tau UMAC control system that is still being produced. The grinder will operate exactly as before only it will be a little more responsive. The upgrade usually takes about 3 days and provides many more years of useful life for your RK centerless grinder.


The flexibility of Delta Tau's controllers makes them ideally suited for controlling CNC machines of all types. They provide many advanced features that other controllers either don't support or charge extra for. Some examples include:

Fully Customizable G-Code and M-Code Support
3D Compensation Tables
Multiblock Lookahead for Acceleration Control
Forward and Inverse Kinematics